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Brendan O'Brien

MA, BA Counselling and Psychotherapy (1stHons.), BA (French, Gaeilge), MIACP

Brendan is an integrative psychotherapist with over fifteen years experience and training in Family Constellations. He served for four years as Vice-President of the International Systemic Constellations Association (ISCA).

He has been involved in training therapists in the Cork Institute of Technology on a course leading to a Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy 2001. A trained Mediator (MII) he has vast experience of working with groups, individuals and families in a wide variety of life situations.

With a background in education, he spent ten years as Principal/Director of a Special School for young people who, for a variety of reasons, were excluded from mainstream education.

He works as a trainer and facilitator with the Social and Health Education Project (SHEP) in Cork, Limerick and Kerry delivering training on Facilitation Skill, Personal Development, Leadership and Reflective Practice.

In 2016 he completed a Masters Degree by Research on Suicide, Trauma and Family Constellations.  You can find out more about this research here.

Eileen O'Brien

BA Counselling and Psychotherapy (Hons), RNMH (Hons), MIACP

Eileen is an integrative psychotherapist who has over fifteen years experience and training in Family Constellation Work. A registered nurse Eileen has worked as a trainer and facilitator with The Social and Health Education Project (SHEP) in Cork and in Kerry.


Having trained as a psychotherapist she taught on the Degree Course in Counselling and Psychotherapy in The Cork Institute of Technology for seven years.


She worked for twenty years as Director of a Community Justice Project where she used a Family Constellations lens to support her in her work. Eileen is a trained Mediator (MII) and has vast experience of working with individuals, groups and families at community level.


She also trained as a Reality Therapist with The Glasser Institute. She has been a student of The Diamond Approach for fifteen years.

She provides therapeutic support services to individuals and teams involved in community work, supporting HR teams in the management of team building, interpersonal work, reflective practice and conflict resolution.

The team at Family Constellations Ireland brings decades of experience working with individuals, families, communities and organisations. Husband and wife team, Eileen and Brendan O'Brien founded the company in 2016 in response to an increased demand for their therapeutic support services.

Brendan O’Brien 

Brendan holds a First class Honours Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

He has been awarded First Class Honours for his Masters Thesis by Research on Suicide, Trauma and Family Constellations.


2010 – 2016 International Systemic Constellations Association (ISCA) Residential Intensive, Germany (420 hours) 

Hunter Beaumont, Gunthard Weber, Jacob Schneider, GuniBaxa, Albrecht Mahr, Judith Hemming, Sneh Victoria Schnabel, Fransesca Mason Boring, Stephan Hausner, Jane Peterson, Christine Blumenstein-Essen, Sieglinde Schneider, Jan Jacob Stam


2013 Connecting Fields International Systemic Conference in Copenhagen (25 Hours)


2013 Infosyon Organisational Systems Conference, Hellinger Institute of Holland (25 hours)


2004 – 2007  Hellinger Institute of Britain – Family Constellations Training (250 hours) 

Richard Wallstein,Judith Hemming,Karen Hedley, Jutta ten Herkel, Barbara Stones


2006 - 2007 Constellations Work Trainings UK – Systemic Constellations Professional Training – Total (130 hours) 

Dr. Albrecht Mahr, Prof. Franz Ruppert, Dr. Ursula Franke, Vivian Broughton


2008 - 2009 Constellations Work Trainings UK (84 hours) 

Professor Franz Ruppert – Becoming the Person you Really Are – Trauma and Family Constellations


2001 – 2016 Irish Group for Systemic Constellation Work (300 hours)

formerly The Bert Hellinger Institute of Ireland

Dr. Hunter Beaumont Teaching Seminar on Family Systems Therapy (2 days)

Workshop on Working with the Destructive Superego (6 days)

Sneh Victoria Schnabel (2 days)

Dr. Albrecht Mahr (14 days)

Professor Franz Ruppert (12days) 

Stephan Hausner (6 days)


A variety of workshops with Carmel Hamill, Breda Perrim and Colette Green


2005-2010 Ochre, Cork – Colette Green

Brendan has acted as a Support Person for Colette at numerous workshops


2008 – Bert Hellinger Workshop London (2 days)

How Love Succeeds - Bert Hellinger

Eileen O'Brien

Introduced to Constellation Work by Carmel Hamill, Anne Kavanagh and Breda Perrem in the mid 90s Eileen trained for two years in Family Constellations in Dublin. She took two years further training in Cork with The Bert Hellinger Institute of Ireland. She was part of an Irish Supervision Group led by Hunter Beaumont for two years and has experience of working with Albrecht Mahr, Franz Ruppert, Stephan Hausner, andSneh Victoria Schnabel She has also attended the Residential Intensive of International Systemic Constellations Association in Bernried, Germany. She has attended workshops run by Hunter Beaumont and Bert Hellinger. She has worked as a Support Person at numerous workshops run by Colette Green in Cork (Ochre.ie).

Doughcloyne, Togher,

Cork, Ireland

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