Workshops on Suicide

A Constellations Workshop on Suicide is a therapeutic event that takes place over two days. There are usually 10 - 14 participants who have experienced suicide in their family. 

Brendan and Eileen have been working with people affected or bereaved by suicide for more than ten years. They are supported in their work by some of those people.

Details on forthcoming workshops below.

Autumn 2021:
Workshops run Saturday/ Sunday from 9:30am to 5:30pm
December 4th-5th

Cost: Free of Charge
We cannot change what happened, but with the right support we can allow ourselves heal from the trauma as we move to a new place in our lives.
At the workshop, when a person decides to 'work', Brendan will sit with the person and explore the family story. He will use his training and experience to try and identify what might be helpful. The client is asked to select members of the group to "represent" the family and place them in relation to one another. As representatives are placed on the floor they begin to experience a variety of feelings and thoughts that give information that is often very significant for the client and their family.