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Family Constellations Workshops

Sometimes our own personal story is or has been difficult. This work offers solutions that help us manage ourselves and our lives in a much more positive way.

What is a constellation?

Usually a person wishing to set up a constellation has some issue or concern about themselves or a member of their family. Sometimes they know that things are not quite right and they feel it is time to do something about it.

He/She can choose to attend a Family Constellations Workshop with a group of about 16 participants and a trained facilitator – normally a psychotherapist. To begin the therapist will sit with the person and explore the family story. As they tell their story the facilitator uses his training and experience to try and identify what might be helpful.

The client may be asked to select members of the group to “represent” members of the family and place them in relation to one another. As “representatives” are placed on the floor they begin to experience a variety of feelings and thoughts that give information that is often very significant for family members. We do not know how this happens but we do know that worldwide this has been the experience in Family Constellations.

Insights into what’s really happening

Finding better solutions for ourselves and our families

Dealing with trauma and pain

Coping with normal family life


As a constellation unfolds new insights into the hidden dynamics of the family story often emerge. Working together client and therapist try to see if there is more to the family story than meets the eye. They explore the unconscious processes that affect family life. The family secrets, the unspoken truths, the family trauma that has never been dealt with, can be looked at so that the current generation can be freed form “entanglements” from the past.


In the work it is often evident that something is “out of order” in the system and needs to be put right. Often people are caught up in family difficulties that belong in the past but are being kept alive in some way from one generation to the next. A core part of Constellation Work is to help love to flow in families. Love flows when everyone has a place, when there is a good balance of giving and taking and when things are put in a good order.

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