We warmly offer you a Training delivered by two:
  • accredited psychotherapists with twenty five years experience in Family Constellation Work
  • former lecturers in Counselling and Psychotherapy in The Munster Technological University
  • trainers in Personal Development and Group Facilitation 
  • frontline leaders in the fields of Community Development and Education who know a lot about trauma
  • trained mediators.
Our Level One Training is designed for those who are interested in learning the Core Concepts of Family Constellations Work. It serves as a solid base for those who may be thinking of introducing a Family Constellation Lens into their own area of expertise and practice. We look particularly at using Family Constellations in a one-to-one setting. 

I really appreciated the genuine welcome every morning and had full trust in you both that the space was lovingly held.

Jyoti Mary Casey,

Training Group 2017