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In addition to their work with Family Constellations Ireland, Brendan and Eileen have been working with families bereaved by suicide over the last ten years. There has been no charge for this service. This work led to Brendan completing a Masters Thesis on Suicide, Trauma and Family Constellations. Feedback from workshop participants has been very positive. A small number of these free workshops are planned each year and form part of our ongoing research work. With the consent of the participants, workshops are audio-taped in order to gain insight into suicide in Irish society. Important material that throws light on suicide as a phenomenon may be used to help in this regard.

In our experience the work is very helpful to people who have had sufficient time to grieve their loss and for clients who are open to looking afresh at a difficult time in their family story. Usually participants are referred by therapists or counsellors. If you would like further details on these workshops, are interested in attending yourself or have a client you feel may benefit, please get in touch by email. You can also register your interest on the Book Now page by selecting the relevant dates.

Details of our next workshop can be found here.


“The constellation helped me see that I did the best I could for her always, that there was nothing more I could have done, and that she needed to go.


...I felt as if something huge had been released from my if a burden had been lifted from it.” 


—  Noel, whose sister died by suicide.

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