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Family Constellations 

Family Constellations offer the possibility of healing personal and family difficulties in a new and creative way. Based on the Orders of Love as described by Bert Hellinger, constellations give us insights into the hidden dynamic of our family system.

Normal Family Life

As we do our best in our normal family life we come across difficulties that need our attention.

A child gets angry or acts out inappropriately.

One family member is withdrawn or fearful for no apparent reason.

One child is in difficulty while other children appear to thrive.


We find ourselves wondering what is really going on.

I can’t talk to my mother.

One of my children can’t live life fully

My daughter tries to fix us all of the time

My Dad seems to think I’m his mother

I shout a lot

Each story is different. When we do a constellation we can often see where the real difficulty lies.



Unresolved traumatic events from the past can continue to affect family members over generations. The early death of a parent or child, abuse, adoption, war, famine, abortion or emigration can all have a profound influence on the life of a family. Depression, ill-health, mental illness or failure to thrive can often be traced back to the influence of such events. Sometimes children are carrying pain that does not belong to them.

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Brendan and Eileen O’Brien are both accredited psychotherapists with comprehensive training in Family Constellations Work.

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