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Core Concepts of Family Constellations - Level One, Dublin

Our 2020 Core Concepts of Family Constellations Training - Level One will take place in Glasthule Dublin. 

Glasthule, Dublin
January 31 - February 2
February 21 - 23
March 27 - 29
May 8 - 10
Total Cost: €1,600
Early Bird Discount Available

Some details are listed below, including the proposed schedule and some content from the curriculum. Each weekend we work for three full days [Friday to Sunday] from 9:30 am to 5:30pm. A certificate of Continuing Professional Development will be issued to all who complete the course. To register your interest in the 2020 Training, without any commitment or payment, please click to complete the short form and we'll be in touch.

training suitable for

  • Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Doctors and Health Professionals  who wish to enhance their existing practice

  • Helping Professionals in areas such as Education, Justice, Youth Work and  Social Care

  • All those who work with families who have to cope with trauma, violence, addiction and a range of other difficulties

Core Concepts of Family Constellations - Level One

Proposed Schedule

Weekend One: 31st Jan - 2nd Feb

Group Formation and Introduction to Core Concepts

Forming our Group – Contract – A Systemic View of the Family – The Orders of Love - Constellations

Weekend Two: 21st Feb - 23rd Feb

Presence and The Phenomenological Stance

The Knowing Field - Representative Perception -The Holding Circle – Attunement – Observation - The Phenomenological Stance - The Unfolding – The Morphogenetic Field - Constellations

Weekend Three: 27th March - 29th March

Family Constellations in Personal Therapy

Constellation Work in a One-to-One Setting – Working with Dolls and Mats - Standing in a Role - Experiments - Handing Back - Past, Present and Future - Constellations

Weekend Four: 8th May - 10th May

Core Steps in a Constellation

The Constellation Process - Holding the Work – Trauma – Safety - The Interview - Setting up a Constellation - In Service of the Client - Constellations

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Payment Details for Level One - Dublin 2020

Total Cost: €1,600                (€200 discount available for advance payment)

 Advance Payment Offer:

Booking deposit of €200 to confirm place (non-refundable).

Balance Payment of €1200 before January 17th 2020.

Total: €1400

Payment Plan:

Booking deposit of €200 to confirm place (non-refundable).

Four payments of €350 payable two weeks in advance of each weekend.

Total: €1600

Experiential Training

Themes and Topics

  • Origins of the Method

  • Work of Bert Hellinger

  • Evolution of the Work

  • Recent Developments

Orders of Love

Themes and Topics

  • Parents Give and Children Receive

  • The Balance of Giving and Taking

  • Conscience and Belonging

  • Inclusion and Exclusion

  • Victim and Perpetrator

  • Guilt and Innocence


Based on the Work of Franz Ruppert

  • What happened?

  • Splits

  • Traumatised Part

  • Survivor Part

  • Healthy Part

  • Connecting what has been Disconnected

The Family as a System

Themes and Topics

  • Using A Systemic Lens

  • The Weak and the Strong

  • How Children Carry the Burden

  • Blind Love

  • Entanglements and Identification

  • The Soul of the Family

  • Hidden Dynamics

Elements of Constellation Work

Themes and Topics

  • My Family, My Community, My People

  • Belonging

  • The Greater Soul

  • Mirror Neurons

  • The Morphogenetic Field

  • Attunement

  • The Holding Circle

  • Loyalty

  • Not Knowing

  • The Body

  • Presence

  • Self Care

Constellations in a One-to-One Setting

Themes and Topics

  • Working with Dolls

  • Working with Visualisations

  • Handing Back

  • Past, Present and Future

  • Gestalt Experiments

The Family

Themes and Topics

  • Honouring the Story

  • Our People

  • Entanglements

  • Allowing Love to Flow

  • Leading our Lives in our Time

  • Reaching Out

  • Handing Back

  • The Past, The Present and The Future

Exploring Specific Issues

Themes and Topics

  • Death

  • Suicide

  • Adoption

  • Shame

  • Marriage

  • Relationships

  • Abortion

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Separation

  • Exclusion

  • New Systems

  • Illness

  • Grief and Loss

  • Abuse

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